Sharing – “Depression and Suicide In Animal Care Professions: What Can We Do?” an article by Jessica Dolce

I saw this article shared on Facebook today, and I couldn’t help but think it needs to be read far and wide, by as many animal-care professionals (veterinarians and rescuers) as possible.

Those of us who see darkness all around us, day in and day out, need to be reminded that there is light in the world and that it is the light who makes us who we are, and gives us strength to do what we do. Even the sassiest, snarkiest, seemingly carefree of us still feel the wear and tear of constant sadness and disappointment.

Jessica Dolce hits it home here, in this article. Please read, and please share. 

While the author of this article would probably frown upon the usual tone and context of my posts, well, we all have our ways of dealing with what the world of animal welfare throws at us. She is a brilliant woman, from the looks of her multiple blogs, and while the event that brought this article from her to the forefront is an absolute tragedy, I hope people who are in the same frame of mind can find comfort and guidance in the author’s words.

Please share Jessica’s article directly from her website, not through Dog Hair & Bourbon.


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